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Games Chess Plus+ Lite 1.1

Computer Player AI Grandmaster Level ELO of 2850+

  1. ThienBui

    19.85 MB
    Chess Plus+ is an enhanced computer chess game powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine resulting in automated opponent player ratings ranging from Novice to Grandmaster!

    Computer Player AI Grandmaster Level ELO of 2850+

    Includes 4 chess ebooks built-in for offline reading on chess Fundamentals, Strategy, Game Play, and Openings.

    With Chess Plus+ you will engage in challenging 1 or 2 player chess games whether you're just starting out or an old pro! Algorithmically varied computer opponent game play simulates real-world match conditions.

    • Castling, Promotion, and En Passant
    • Play Black or White
    • Dual Player Time Clocks
    • 4 Modes of Play
    • Scrollable Moves List
    • 4 Chess eBooks Included
    • Move Count, Status, and Turn Displays
    • Multiple Computer Player Levels
    • AI Grandmaster ELO of 2850+
    • Resizable App Window
    • Includes Chess Rules
    • And more!

    Mac OS Compatibility: All machines running OS X 10.7 and above.

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    Version: 1.1
    Thanks you
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    Version: 1.1
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