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Social Networking airWriter 2.23

Social Networking

  1. ThienBui
    2.57 MB
    OS version:
    10.7 or higher
    Loại ứng dụng:
    • Phần mềm
    Apps Store:
    • YES
    Name: airWriter
    Version: 2.23
    Mac Platform: Intel
    Includes: Pre-K'ed
    OS version: 10.7 or higher
    64 bit
    Whats new:
    v2.08 -> v2.23
    - bug fixed: interface size over current screen
    - change display name of the "copy to pasteboard" button from "Send" to "Copy"
    - interface's resize cursor changed
    - interface's shadow effects improved
    - alternative image added for status menu's icon
    - interface's size and position will be saved and resumed automatically
    - tip alert added related to interface's drag & move
    - menu item added: "Reset All Alerts"
    - more by dragonBTV updated
    A Transparent Text Editor!
    No illuminated text, no fancy formatting, no messy headers or footers, and no footnotes or endnotes. airWriter is an elegant, multipurpose text editor. Its beautifully transparent interface will calm your mind and soul while you work on your insufferable projects.
    No matter if you are writing a film review, news article, sports commentary, even poetry, or maybe drafting a research paper or a novel, the transparent, airWriter is the way to perfection. Its simplistic and transparent interface keeps distractions to the bare minimum, so you could work without ever losing your concentration. It also eases pressure on your eyes because - well, there ought to be something prettier to look at than black text on a white background.

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  1. admin
    Version: 2.23
    Tiện ích kết nối mạng xã hội
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