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Accessory Software Photo Snap v 6.9

MacOSX Intel Type: Serial

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    Photo Snap v6.9 (C) Accessory Software

    Disks: 3 x 2,88mb Date: November 21, 2014
    OS: MacOSX Intel Type: Serial

    Release Description:

    Photo Snap is a Image and Multimedia Viewer for Apple Macintosh that
    helps you quickly Locate, View, Edit, Print and Send/Receive
    Picture/Image Files over the Internet

    Organize Pictures in Photo Albums

    Picture Thumbnail Viewer where you set the size and resolution of the
    Thumbnail images

    Edit Picture/Image Files with techniques as Flip, Reverse, Rotate
    Resize, Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, Gray Scale, Hue, and
    other special effects and filters

    Better Photo Editing and Slide Show than version 5.2 i.e. much clearer
    Photo Resizing

    Add 3-D Text and Geometric Shapes to Pictures and Images displayed in a
    Multiple Document Interface

    Cut and Paste sections of Pictures onto other pictures

    Create a Picture or Image from other Pictures with Text and Shapes, then
    send to friends through E-Mail over the internet

    File Types supported are JPG, JPeg 2000, uncompressed TIF, TIFF, GIF
    BMP, ICO, CUR, PCX, WMF, PNG, etc

    Convert Picture File Formats between Picture File Types

    Save a list of any number of Folders with your favorite Multimedia Files
    for quick location

    Print Pictures on a page with Titles for page and each picture. Select
    your font and color for all printed text

    Send pictures over the internet with Photo Snap by E-Mail

    Receive Pictures and Zip Files by E-Mail and view, edit, save, and print
    with Photo Snap

    View Pictures or Multimedia on other computers accessible by the

    Capture your Computer Screen into a picture file

    Great Slide Show with hundreds of Transitional Effects while playing
    selected MP3, MID, RMI or WAV files in the background

    Batch Rename/Move for many pictures in multiple folders

    Batch Copy and Conversion for supported Files in multiple folders to
    other folders, devices, or over the Local Area Network

    Create HTML Pages from your Photos, and package in a Zip File

    Local Area Network Support

    New Main Window Interface with Tabbed Selections

    Multiple Picture Editing Undos

    Zoom in and out of Pictures using +/- keys

    Listen to Music while searching for Pictures or Editing Pictures

    Set your own colors to different types of windows and window components

    Complete Help Text with Quick Tips in the program for easy use

    Supports Apple Macintosh OS X 10.6 or later


    Just unpack&install. Activate with any serial in serial.txt

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    Version: 6.9
    Thanks you
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