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  1. Fidel Rodriguez
    Fidel Rodriguez ThienBui
    I need the firmware for tv rca model rtv4019sm
  2. putra
    what should be done if the bios ic is lost or damaged? if replaced and flash mac will be very slow and ssd not detected.help please!
  3. Don_LarryTec
    Don_LarryTec ThienBui
    Hello bro thank you for helping regarding my new programmer I'm able too connect the programmer with chips now but i never program bios before i want you to help me with this 820-00165 macbook air 2015 bios please can you tell me where the ME region start from and where it ends
  4. Fungki isnanto
    Fungki isnanto
    sekematik pleace lenovo-v470c-la47-10717-2-4kz02-MXICMX25L3205-201
  5. rangga faizal
    rangga faizal ThienBui
    i need boardview la-9061p rev.2a ??
  6. victor rojas
    victor rojas ThienBui
    can you help me whit this bios DA0X61MB6G0 REV : G, but not the one of 16mb, my bios do not support 16 mb.
  7. Chairat chunkamon
    Chairat chunkamon ThienBui
    hi guy i need file bios for HP - 17-x111cy please T^T
  8. shahbaz haider
    shahbaz haider
    i need bois of dell latutide 7202 tablet, plz help me for bin file
  9. Nurur Rahman
  10. kingheart
    kingheart ThienBui
    Hello I keep trying to download bios files for laptops that you upload but they all seem to be locked.
    Is there a reason for this?

    I need this ones password - E6510_LA5573p_sio_u13_w25q32bv.rar
  11. visual
    visual ThienBui
    how to remove x220 bios password
  12. aqeel192
    aqeel192 ThienBui
    T440 p ka ec password unlock
  13. aqeel192
  14. Nguyen Phu Quy
    Nguyen Phu Quy
    Nguyen Phu Quy
  15. vnn567
    vnn567 MoHAmeD RiO
    dell xps 13-9370 la-e671p-caz60 ---WORKING
    1. MoHAmeD RiO
      Mar 14, 2019
  16. seifeddine
    seifeddine ThienBui
    hi i need boardview for Dell XPS 15 9560 la-e331p
  17. Arnon_DMC
    BIOS Boardview Apple Schematic ทั้งหมด1.1
  18. syamnair2081
    syamnair2081 ThienBui
    hi do you have hp elite one 800 G1 bios bin file ?i am facing one problem in this motherboard after switch on the the motherboard the power button indicate red light and their is no display. i replace processor and ram but same problem if you have any solution please help me.
  19. saouardi
    saouardi bioshunger
    hello friend , please whats jumping to do for reading mec1633
  20. Tedem
    Hi brothers
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