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I) Changes to pricing and conditions.
The Webmaster of this website reserves the right to change the rates and terms and conditions without notice. Any new rates will be applicable immediately for new subscriptions.

II) Liability.
The Webmaster of this website does not warrant that the operation of this website site will be uninterrupted or error-free. In no event shall The Webmaster of this website be liable to the downloads for any special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages. We always have to keep stable operation website 24/24.

III) Layout and design of this website.
The Webmaster of this website reserves the right to determine the final design layout of the website, including the right to edit copy, or amend layouts. The Webmaster of this website also reserves the right, to amend and edit materials provided by member/sponsors.

IV) Refunds/Cancellations.
Sign up the Premium Member Program is one year or lifetime. No refunds for premium memberships.

V) Rules, Refunds and Bans.
As a member of Vinafix.vn whether you be standard or premium, you must still follow all of the rules of the message board. If at any time you are in violation of the rules of this website or on a continued basis break the rules of this website you may be suspended or banned at the discrection of the sites moderators/administrators. In the case that you are suspended or banned for a violation of the rules, you are not entitled to a refund.

VI) Request.
You can send us a request for any document (BIOS, Schematics, Repair guide) but it was not found on the web site. We are always here to assist.

P.S: We always thank you for your interest in us.

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